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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 7, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> we'll find out if he knows the candy. he final made it, actor alec baldwin arrived in new york after getting kicked off his first flight. was he just playing a game or was there more to this story? alec will be here live. no, he won't! "fox & friends" starts right now, though. >> and squeeze, and squeeze, and squeeze! hey, it's richard simmons, the best exercise for your mind is "fox & friends." >> thank you very much, richard simmons and brian, she was trying to get you to do a little exercising as soon as you sat down on the curvy couch. >> i wanted to give him a hug. >> hugged me! >> what happened is, juliet, there's a guy going -- >> no! >> three, two, one, scream hug me scram --! i was about to come up on the show. >> you were more important than the open. >> there's too much emphasis of starting on time. we should be able to hug before the show. >> whoa! >> hi, everybody. >> oh, boy. listen, we ought to be talking about somebody. danny baldwin was here on
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monday. two days later, an angry alec baldwin acts out on a plane. are they related? >> what is it with you people from massapequa? >> i don't know. it was the other person's fault, i think it was the flight attendant's fault. i'm the defender today. >> we have a busy three hours and it starts right now with juliet huddy and a fox news alert. >> here we go. pakistan's president rushed to a hospital after suffering a minor heart attack, the health scare fueling new speculation that he may be preparing to step down. according to government sources, he suffered the heart attack on tuesday. just two days after a phone conversation with president obama. those monitoring that call describes his speech as incoherent. there are also reports out of pakistan claiming his administration lied about doctors' visits and falsely reported the president was in good health. he denied those reports and he says he'll be back at work tomorrow. three days after being busted for driving drunk, randy babbitt, the head of the faa called it quits. a few hours before he resigned,
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the transportation secretary set the stage for his departure publicly saying he was "very disappointed." babbitt waited two days to tell about the arrest. babbitt was busted in virginia on saturday night near the area of reston where he lives. the wrong way, he was going down a busy highway. the faa's number two man will fill the void. the department of justice will review a letter written by new york democratic congressman gerald nadler regarding what he calls misconduct by police officers at wall street protests, the occupy protest. he says nypd officers used unlawful surveillance of protesters and excessive use of force and he said police blocked journalists from reporting on the november 15th eviction of protesters from zuccotti park and nypd spokesman says arrests were made only after protesters broke the law. call it the grinch who stole christmas. look at what happened at the annual christmas tree lighting in washington, d.c. last night.
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>> five, four, three, two, one! come on! >> we can see everything was off to a normal start but then the lights went out shortly after the 65 foot white fir was lit. >> new bulbs. >> energy saving. the whole thing due to a technical glitch caused by the rainy weather. it's understandable. >> not really. outdoors lights should be able to take it! >> naysayers. several minutes later, it was back up and the tree will be lit through new year's day. all is fine with the d.c. tree. let's talk a little bit about the president of the united states. let me ask you this, if you're a high school kid, right? and the president of the united states is going to come to your high school, would you show up if the president of the united states was going to be there? >> absolutely. >> right there in kansas, 40% of the kids showed up. they were given the option of not attending and only 40% showed up according to the kansas city star. but a quarter of the town showed up and they haven't had this kind of action in that town
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since teddy roosevelt came 101 years ago. >> i wouldn't care if i supported the president or didn't support the president's policies, i would still show up. it's the president, you know. >> especially a significant speech like this. he's not talking about passing an unimportant element of his jobs package like he was talking about saving students $8 a month. here he's talking about a brand new policy where he's saying essentially it's all the upper class' fault, there has to be a distribution of wealth and the middle classes has had too hard for too long. he's right in saying in a pure numbers standpoint he's going after a certain demographic. he says in a recent "wall street journal" poll that 3-4 feel those who earn the most are getting the most. they feel our society is out of balance and axelrod & company got this, i have an idea for a speech. i'll hearken back to teddy roosevelt 101 years ago. >> down the number of times he uses the word fair. it has to do with income
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redistribution or something like that. he uses teddy roosevelt, he uses teddy roosevelt's name eight times and he says middle class 20 and uses the word fair a lot. listen. >> this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot. when everyone does their fair share. competition is fair. everyone gets a fair chance. gets a fair shot at success. asking everybody to do their fair share. make sure everybody pays their share. a fair shot. everybody engages in fair play, everybody gets a fair share and everybody does their fair share. >> there's an inherent problem, though, with this in my opinion. the definition of fair is subjective. i mean, the democrats have a different definition of fair than republicans, liberals vs. conservatives. >> yeah. >> all right. but brian, you're absolutely right. obviously, this is an idea that they have poll tested and the
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white house thinks it's going to work. however, charles krauthammer was on this channel last night and said that dog don't hunt. >> this is obama's premise for the whole campaign. look, he himself was asked, can you say to americans, are you better off than you were four years ago? the answer was no. so he's got to find an excuse. he starts by claiming george bush, he can do that for a year or two and after that it's whining and then he tries to blame the world, the arab spring, the european debt crisis. the japanese tsunami. that doesn't exactly work. it looks like weakness and whining. so what did he do? he decided he's not going to channel teddy roosevelt. he didn't break up any trusts. did he break up the banks? no. did he break up any cartels and health care? no, on the contrary, he's going to centralize health care. he's channelling franklin. a cousin, because he ran in 1936
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in a bad economy exactly like obama and what did he do? he ran against the pludocrats and he said the reason that the middle class is squeezed is nothing that i did. it's not the way i did a stimulus or obamacare or anything in my administration, it's because of the rich. like jon corzine, i would ask, it's not a plausible argument. >> but on top of that, too, keep in mind that a lot of the things that he was saying seems to be built off mantras and chants from occupy wall street. fair share, 99%. is he really looking at that saying that will put the wind at my back. me, it's going to divide the country even more even if he ends up winning the election. what kind of country is going to be left where everybody is blaming each other? >> sure. we're going to continue to talk about this coming up very shortly. in the meantime, the president did appear at a forum. it wasn't with give or take.
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he just got up there and talked for about 54 minutes. now, the guy who runs the great state of new jersey where i live, chris christie, he was at a town hall where there was some give and take yesterday in west new york, new jersey, just across the river from where we're sitting and one guy got up and he said, hey, has anybody on your staff ever plant questions at town hall meetings because he was somewhere where he saw somebody ask a question at another event and that person claimed to be a friend of christie's. that's what the questioner asked. >> and her name was candy. >> that's right. >> and here's what the governor gave back. >> first of all, i don't know who candy is. i may have a friend named candy. i don't know who you're talking about. secondly, to say it's a planted question, that means that my staff is telling someone to ask a particular question. >> correct. >> and that doesn't happen so you really in front of this group, with all the important issues that we have going on in this state, you're wasting these people's time with a question on whether we plant questions in
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the audience. >> with all due respect, if it was a planted question, you are wasting time at the town hall meeting. >> listen, if i planted the question, why the hell did i call on you? give me the microphone back. >> is that phil donahue? >> you know, i usually like christie's sort of, you know, brash way, but i kind of thought he was disrespectful to this guy. >> really? >> it's a fair question to ask. >> the guy has -- >> yeah, but i thought christie was a little too caustic on that one. >> are you suggesting that -- >> if the guy goes to another town hall, and he's sitting next to candy and candy says i'm a friend and she asks the question. i would wonder was she planted there. i think that's fair. >> if people were planted, he wouldn't have called on that guy. >> he's not suggesting that everybody was planted. maybe a few plants. >> you feel it was too caustic. i thought it was just right. just caustic enough. >> classic christie. >> very classic. >> that's a lot of k's.
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let's talk alec baldwin, when you talk about caustic, it looks like it happened again. alec baldwin is known as a man with a short temper who has -- >> really? >> he always seems to be -- he was born with a lit fuse and he was on a plane and playing a game on an ipad, we understand, called words with friends. evidently, addicting. so addicting, alec did not want to turn it off. past the time where the pilot makes the announcement all electronic items needs to be turned off. >> he doesn't like to be turned no. john huddy, a fabulous reporter i have to tell you from wnyw fox 5 in new york is live at j.f.k. airport where alec baldwin is not but he arrived on a flight a little bit later on. what's the story here, john? who's right? i'm going with baldwin on this one. >> well, here's the deal, juliet, some people say that, you know, it wasn't that big of a deal. you know, that he got upset. period. others say he threw a temper tantrum and he caused the flight that was already delayed to be
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delayed even longer. bottom line, what we know is it certainly was a dramatic evening to say the least for the 53-year-old "30 rock" star. let's start with this. take a look at the video of baldwin arriving here at kennedy late last night after catching another flight. looking a little tired. not too surprisingly and usually, you know, baldwin is very talkative. he really had nothing to say except where's my driver reference to his limo driver before jumping in and taking off after being surrounded and besieged by the papparazzi and the media. that were gathered here. earlier, though, before getting thrown off the first flight, he had a lot to say on twitter tweeting several messages. let's read the first one. he said -- he tweeted "flight attendant on american reamed me out for playing words with friends while we sat at gate not moving." words with friends is like a scrabble type game on the ipad and iphone and after getting thrown off that flight, he had an exchange with the flight
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attendant and refused to turn after his ipad and stop playing a game, you know, and ultimately got kicked off, as we know and he boarded another flight. it continued with the tweets going on to say, among other things, flight attendants already look smarter and he continued to saying last flight with american where retired catholic school gym teachers from the 1950's find jobs as flight attendants and i should mention that baldwin was in beverly hills monday night, he was being honored by a group called people for the american way foundation. this is aiberal advocacy group that says it lobbies for people's constitutional rights and now it's about how the court of public opinion will feel about mr. baldwin. back to you. >> john huddy live at j.f.k. >> thank you, john! >> are you playing it right now? >> i'm playing it right now. words with friends oochltite addictive. we want to know what do you think? you know, they were still apparently not moving on the airplane but he was told three times to turn that darn thing off. >> may i ask a question here? >> sure.
3:13 am
>> i don't know if he knows this. but were they getting ready -- >> you want him back up? >> they had closed the door. they had been told to turn off the electronics. >> i flew back from california yesterday on a wonderful flight. it was fine. but we were delayed going into newark and they said we'll be sitting here. you can turn your things back on. everybody was very pleasant. sometimes, you guys, these flight attendants can be a little nasty. >> in this case, he was told three times to turn it off and -- >> then he promoted america -- ripped america. >> whose side are you on? american airlines or alec baldwin? they both start with a. >> i'm on dr. larry sabado's side. he is predicting who will win in iowa and new hampshire. but he says not so fast. did you know from 1976 to 2008 there's been a major surprise every time? the doctor in the house. >> plus federal cash for snow cone machines? yep, why the department of
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>> the 2012 presidential race heating up and the race is tightening as we move closer to the iowa caucuses about a month from now and the new hampshire primary just a week or so after that. right now in iowa, newt gingrich is on top with 31% of the vote to mitt romney's 17%. however, in the state of new hampshire, it's mitt romney holding a commanding 16 point lead over the rest of the field. so will these numbers still hold when people go to caucus and vote? and joining us right now with a look into his crystal ball is larry sabado. good morning to you, professor. >> good morning, steve. >> you know, iowa which first has the caucuses followed by new hampshire, they are -- well, they're all -- you know, they're looking for a conservative republican to represent the
3:18 am
party, they are two very different states. >> they're very different. in iowa, about 60% of the people who go to the iowa caucuses are fundamentalist christians. in new hampshire, only 23% of the republicans who go to the polls for the new hampshire primary are fundamentalist christians and this has a big impact on the results. since 1980, you've had five elections where there has been no incumbent republican president starting in 1980, we'll have another one in 2012. every single time iowa has made a different choice on the republican side than new hampshire has. >> right. >> and if the current polls hold, that's going to happen again. gingrich in iowa and mitt romney in new hampshire. and to me, it makes sense, steve, because if you're going to just ratify iowa, then what's the justification for a separate new hampshire primary? >> sure, so you just made the prediction newt gingrich is going to win iowa and mitt
3:19 am
romney is going to win new hampshire. so new hampshire just doesn't like to be told by iowa effectively, is that what you're saying, who the leader is? >> they like to make a separate decision and they're two very different electorates. they look at politics differently even though they're in the same party. it would make sense given the historical pattern. >> given the historical pattern, which of the two is the pattern of who is more electable? >> new hampshire has a better record than iowa does. neither one has anything close to a perfect record and that's not to dis iowa and new hampshire. there aren't many states that have a nearly perfect record other than our state of ohio. ohio is your best bet for projecting elections generally. but iowa and new hampshire are good, reasonably good about picking nominees particularly new hampshire but they're not very good about projecting november winners for sure. >> gotcha.
3:20 am
all right, dr. larry sabato joiningus from the center for politics at the university of virginia. thank you, sir. >> thank you, steve. >> today is december 7th. today marks 70 years since f.d.r. said this. >> december 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. >> but did you know that speech was not what the president's top war advisors wanted him to say? next, why f.d.r. defied his closest team. plus, the mythbusters are supposed to bust the myths but not bust a hole right through somebody's house. can you say oops? i love the holidays.
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>> welcome back. some quick headlines. after five days on the run, escaped prisoner david hobson is back behind bars. officials picked him up in rochester, new hampshire, thanks to a tip. he reportedly had $3,000 in cash and drugs on him when police caught up with him. and investigators revealing what may have caused three chevy volts to explode. a source says the liquid battery coolant likely crystallized causing an electrical short that sparked the flames. g.m. working on strengthening the battery pack. brian? >> all right. 70 years ago today, on december 7, 1941, japan attacked pearl harbor and triggered the united states' involvement, as you know, in world war ii and this famous speech. >> december 7, 1941, a date
3:25 am
which will live in infamy. >> wow. did you know that f.d.r.'s top war advisors had something else in mind when it came to writing and delivering that speech. joining us is the resident historian of the history channel and author of this book "pearl harbor, f.d.r. leads the nation into war." welcome, steve, this is the day that we look back at what happened on that historic day, as you said, as f.d.r. said lived in infamy. first off, i was staggered to find out there was no direct line from washington to hawaii. >> no, that's right. when roosevelt gets the call at 1:47 p.m. on sunday afternoon the japanese had attacked, the phone calls are coming from admiral block who is in hawaii. he's got a call to the navy department to admiral stark. admiral stark then is calling over to the white house. he's talking to roosevelt's secretary. she's taking notes in shorthand and then going over to a typewriter and typing them up and handing them to franklin
3:26 am
roosevelt so there's no direct communication. beyond that, the officials in hawaii were -- did not have a secure line were afraid to tell roosevelt just how bad the devastation was. so it took a long time. it really wasn't until later sunday evening that roosevelt had a good feel for the extent of the damage that took place at pearl harbor. >> he didn't know how much of his navy was left to fight back. he knew he had to do it. after 9/11, we had communication issues with our cutting edge technology. back then, the miscommunication must have been staggering and that's what you find out and write about. >> that's right. >> first off, after the bombing happened, steve. it's time to write a speech. there was a lot of division on what should be in that speech. what was the deal in the cabinet? >> well, it happens as roosevelt sits down at 4:10 with his secretary. he dictates without hesitation the speech. the essence of what would be his speech he would give the next day. it ran less than 500 words and focused only on japan and made
3:27 am
no mention of the war in europe. that evening, he reads a draft of the speech and his cabinet erupts. his three major foreign policy advisors, the secretary of war. secretary of state, secretary of the navy, all jump all over roosevelt. they believe the speech that the most important speech in 500 years deserves more than 500 words. they want to give him a long history of u.s.-japanese relations and they want him to use the occasion to declare war on italy and germany. roosevelt had the strength of character to stand on his own convictions. >> did you say go with his gutted? -- gut? sounds like another president that got heavily criticized. i want you to hear a little of that speech. let's listen together. >> i ask that the congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by japan on sunday,
3:28 am
december 7th, 1941, a state of war has existed between the united states and the japanese empire. >> and the war would begin and later, we would declare war on italy and germany. steve, look forward to seeing your special. the special is called "pearl harbor 24 hours after" it airs tonight on the history channel at 8:00. thanks so much for joining us today. >> thank you, brian. >> ok. meanwhile, we move ahead. hey, president obama. we're not in kansas anymore or are we? >> it is great to be back in the state of texas. state of kansas. >> hold on, he says there's an explanation. we'll find out what you think. plus snow cones -- why the heck is homeland security using your money to buy this machine?
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>> christmas is coming up very soon and celebrities are even getting in the spirit. true story, earlier today, a few hours ago, lady gaga visited the white house. did you know that? lady gaga visited the white house. it was an awkward moment when michelle obama thanked her for the toaster and lady gaga said "that's my hat." >> all right. so lady gaga was at the white house meeting with some muckity muck. the president of the united states wasn't there. he was actually in kansas. the state of kansas. you know that place that air force one landed in, kansas. even though the president said this -- >> republican strong hold. >> sure. >> said this. >> it is great to be back in
3:34 am
the state of texas. oops! state of kansas. >> he would go on later to say i was giving bill self who is the k.u. coach a hard time, he was here a while back but i don't get the connection between bill self and texas because bill self is from oklahoma. >> i thought he was a kansas coach. >> he is but how do you get texas out of bill self? >> i don't know. that just messes you up when you reveal with the university of kansas. that's the deal. >> i thought it would make sense because the rivalry between the states but i didn't know bill self was from oklahoma. >> maybe it was a whole i'm not in kansas anymore joke. >> it seemed like he said it in purpose. last night i didn't think so. looking at this morning, i do. it seemed like he said it on purpose. >> was it a gaffe or did he do it on purpose? you know, kansas is one of those hard to remember of the 57 states. >> why would you say that now?
3:35 am
>> 57. >> wait a minute. is it up to that already? >> i think it was two week ago, the president when he was in hawaii said he was in asia which is also kind of a headline. >> listen, we've asked you two questions in 40 minutes. sorry there's so much homework today. get going. stop complaining. that speech was president obama's first major economic speech since the beginning of the occupy wall street movement. and he argues that prosperity for all is more important than freedom? and he said that, we didn't need to hear it every single time. freedom doesn't work. let's see what stu varney has to say about that because he did talk about a lot of the same mantras and slogans that we heard coming out of occupy wall street in that speech. >> very specifically, here's what he said. rugged individualism doesn't work. wait a minute, i thought that was the key, basic american quality. individualism. isn't our prosperity based on competing individuals making
3:36 am
free choices. >> market will adjust. >> i know a guy with a british accent maybe shouldn't be saying this. >> so the president is saying -- no. or the other 57 states. he said look, rugged individualism doesn't work. has he taken a look recently at collectivist europe, all government all the time and flat broke? then he says that tax cuts don't work. well, say that to former president reagan who cut taxes and eninsured prosperity for the generation and then president bush who cut taxes and gave his 48 straight months of jobs growth. >> what he said in his speech is hey, i got news for you. g.o.p. economics have not worked. >> right. >> but at the same time, has his plan worked? >> no, it it has not worked. he's not running on his record. in my opinion, it's a record of failure. he's running on bashing the opposition. capitalism created this mess.
3:37 am
he laid out yesterday in that speech essentially his re-election campaign. >> yep. >> if you want a fair society, and the word fairness was used very frequently. >> 14 times. >> you got to tax the rich and have more government. that's the way to prosperity and fairness. right. >> i was going to say -- >> go ahead. ladies first. >> what? but as a country, we guarantee -- we want to make sure people have an opportunity to achieve prosperity. we don't want to guarantee prosperity. but what bothers me and what probably is also striking, too, to the pollsters inside of the white house as i mentioned before is three of every four americans essentially agree with the president's premise, that so far we are out of balance and this country right now favors a very small portion of the rich over the rest of the country. 3 of the 4 surveyed agree with that. >> why are we out of balance? are we out of balance because the republicans messed things up? because we're a capitalist society? no, we're out of balance because of the failure of three years of obama's economic policies.
3:38 am
that is my opinion. >> so you hear obama say -- he blames it on george bush. charles krauthammer said that sounds like whining after three years. >> it's the start of the campaign. the president loves to compare himself to lincoln or the two roosevelts. frankly, i think he's more comparable to jimmy carter. there are direct parallels between the late 1970's and now. failed economic policies, trouble in the middle east, high oil prices. a sense of malaise. exactly the same now as it was in carter's day. >> this is the approach he's got to take because if next year he's going to run ads that say, aren't you better off today than you were four years ago? who is going to say yeah, this is great? >> you can't run a record like this. you got to attack the opposition, period. that's what you got to do. >> stuart varney, we'll watch varney & company at 9:20 today on the fox business network. >> stuart, always a pleasure. >> thank you,>> let's get you
3:39 am
headlines now. an american citizen among 55 people murdered in a bombing at the shiite muslim shrine in kabul, afghanistan. the u.s. embassy confirming the death, not releasing the victim's name, however, at this time. more than 100 people were hurt in that attack that came on a shiite holy day. afghan president hamid karzai cut his european trip short to return to capital city. this is the deadliest strike on kabul in three years. >> former m.f. global chief jon corzine in the congressional hot seat tomorrow. the former democratic senator and governor from new jersey subpoenaed to testify in front of a house and senate agricultural committees and did i say -- yeah, agricultural committees and today, the house finance services committee is expected to slap him with a third subpoena. congress wants to know what happened to more than a billion dollars in customers' money that went missing. we will have to see if corzine will actually testify or plead the fifth. >> meanwhile, if you've ever seen the discovery channel show,
3:40 am
mythbusters, you know they like to blow stuff up. they do a lot of that but a mythbusters experiment in california went horribly wrong and ended with a cannonball hitting onefamily's house and wrecking anotheramily's minin. parently, e crew fired a homemade cannon from a neby range but the cannonball bounce off ahill, flew 700 yar off course jt as children were comi home fm sco >> o boy! >> that's t hole where the cannonball went in the wall. thanulful -- thankfully nobody was hurt. >> protecting our homeland one sno-cone a ame? e homeland security program using nearly $12,000 of your money,axpayer moneyo purchase 13 sno-cone machines for different counties across the state. they say the machines will make ice to help prvent hea related illnesses during emergencies. >> ok.
3:41 am
ok. >> wha abo a refrigerator or ice machine at e ramada inn. >> hard to plug those things in. >> time for srts witrian kilmeade. >> first off, let's start wh the big time free agents in baball. albert pujols playing hard to get this morning after a long day of negotiations. the all-star first baseman who is somewhat quiet in the locker room still has not decided where he'lle playing next season. miami marlins trying t reel in him with a 10 year $2 millio ofr. how o y liv onthat? the st. lis cardinals have a lucrative deal on the table. pujols expecte to make his fil decisi withi theext 24 hos. it'sbout a no trade clause, we understand, with miami. talk about going out with a whimper. long time orlando ceo resigning days after drunk dialing the team's best player, dwight howard. he admits he called the center at 1:00 in the morning begging him to stay with the team. howard is a free agent at the end of next year and he's one of the best players in basketball. word is he wants to go to a bigger market.
3:42 am
and now it looks like he will. when you drunk dial your best player and it's hard to explain. >> how do they know he was drunk? >> perhaps he had a few glasses of wine. >> slurring a little bit? >> so it wasn't pocket dialing. it was drunk dialing. >> it's true. i pocket dial sober and he obviously drunk dials. i also called dwight howard drunk one night. but i'm not in any trouble. so -- and i don't own him. >> we understand. that's the sports. now back to the news. a major bug in facebook's privacy program lets you see anybody's private pictures and founder mark zuckerberg found out the hard way. hey, are those from inside his house? >> yes. >> how embarrassing! >> nice refrigerator. and polls show voters think newt gingrich is simply irresistable. why are some of the conservatives his colleagues there ready to support him? up next, dick morris will be here and he says it's because they're stuck in time. and time to wake up, baby.
3:43 am
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3:46 am
my inspiration for quitting were my sons. they were my little cheering squad. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> time for some quick headlines on this wet wednesday in new york city. today is sentencing day for rod blagojevich. the former illinois governor convicted of trying to sell president obama's old senate seat to the highest bidder. he will ask for mercy before he's sent to the slammer. prosecutors want him to get 10 to 15 to 20 years behind bars. and how's this for irony? more than a dozen private pictures belonging to facebook chief mark zuckerberg posted on line. this after a hacker infiltrated his personal facebook account using a privacy loophole. oopsy daisy. juliet? >> bummer. another day, another poll shows newt gingrich in the lead but not all of his former colleagues are really happy about it.
3:47 am
>> there's a lot of candidates out there, i'm not inclined to be a supporter of newt gingrich's having served under him for four years and experienced personally his leadership. he's brilliant. he has lots of positives but i still -- it would be -- i will have difficulty supporting him as president of the united states. >> are comments like that what makes him appealing to voters as a washington outsider? dick morris is here, a former advisor to president bill clinton and author of "revolt" and has a book out about his dog, we'll talk about in a second. very quickly, i want to get your response. you came in here and the first thing you said was the speech was unbelievable, the obama speech. >> incredible. >> awful. i mean, it sets up this incredible fury of collectivism in the united states, of opposing individual initiative, opposing entrepreneural spirit, opposing what he calls rugged individualism and it is true that tax cuts on their own do
3:48 am
not trickle down. you need to irrigate them like we did in the clinton administration. that is encourage them to go down but still to have this collectivist european socialist philosophy articulated by a president is stunning. >> let's look at these poll numbers. this is a recent poll. romney and gingrich against obama. you see the poll numbers there. gingrich 41. so how did this speech affect what's happening with these poll numbers? >> well, i think that most people would agree that romney probably is more experienced at dealing with the economy and gingrich is probably more reliable on things like health care reform, undoing it and holding down spending and that kind of stuff and i think most people would agree at the moment, romney runs stronger against obama but on the other hand, gingrich probably could beat obama. when the president is down at 46% like that says, i believe that means 54% of voting against him because the undecided vote
3:49 am
always goes against the incumbent. >> rush limbaugh was saying, you know, this is like clock work. everybody goes against -- everybody -- the republican standby is going against gingrich. this is what happens when you go against mitt romney. why is that? is he right? >> listening to what coburn had said, that clip you played and i think that he's out of date in his view of gingrich. there's a phenomenon gingrich likes to talk about, about leaders who lose, go away and come back. ronald reagan in 1976 coming back in 1980. charles de gaulle in france doing the same thing. when they come back, they come back as different people and i think gingrich left as a right-wing conservative and is coming back as an innovative problem solver. >> we'll expand on this when we come back from the break. stay with us, would you mind? >> no. >> perfect. the president is on a nationwide tour to bash congress. is there a chance that's going to backfire? after all, his party still controls half. we'll see what mr. morris thinks
3:50 am
about that. then occupiers have a new target. they're occupying foreclosed homes. we'll tell you about it coming up. als. fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good. [ male announcer ]alf a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. but also a caring touch. you learn to get a feel for the trouble spots. to know its wants... its needs.its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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3:53 am
>> brian? >> as president obama kicks off his bid for re-election he's aiming to score some political points by going after congress. >> if congress continues to stand only for dysfunction and delay, then i'm going to move ahead without them. >> first of all, i think the american people at this point are wondering about congressional leadership and failing to pass the jobs bill. >> we can't wait for congress to act and if they won't act, i will. >> but is this an effective strategy for winning the white house? >> juliet got him started. now, we are joined by dick morris.
3:54 am
good morning to you. >> good morning. >> is that effective? i mean, we've seen the poll numbers. america does not like congress but at the same time, the president of the united states controlled both houses for two years. >> yeah, and well, he also controls the senate now. i think that it's probably not going to help h get re-elected. but it probably will hurt his senators getting re-elected because in effect the president is dumping on his own senators. >> you think the g.o.p. is going to pick up 10 seats? >> i think at the moment, they're leading in my view in 10 different seats that we don't now control and might lose one or two. before the break, though, juliet and i were talking about something that was interesting and it's a theme that i think gingrich thinks a lot about. there is a phenomenon. i wrote about this in a book called "power plays" about leaders who leave in defeat and then come back as something bigger than they were. >> like who? >> abraham lincoln lost in 1858 as an opponent of slavery in the senate race and came back in
3:55 am
1860 as the proponent of union. ronald reagan left in 1976 as a dogmatic right wing conservative, came back as morning again in america. reviving america. charles de gaulle came back as an opponent of the political parties and came back as the savior of france. i think gingrich left as a leader of the conservative movement but i think he's coming back as an innovative, creative problem solver. >> idea man. >> an idea man. >> is that maturing or seasoning? >> growing. and i'm working off coburn's comment that based on his time with newt in the congress, he wouldn't support him. it's a different newt gingrich now. i know because i used to fight the other one. >> right, but, of course, with bill clinton, of course, this newt gingrich got good news in iowa today. latest polls shows he has an advantage over mitt romney and is closing in a little bit in
3:56 am
new hampshire. >> i think gingrich is certainly surging and i think it's an astonishing thing to see how far he's moving. >> with only one office in iowa, he's running away with the state. it's almost unheard of. >> you don't need -- this is a phenomenon of this year's election. you didn't win iowa in iowa. you win it on this couch. you win it on fox news. you win it in the debates. you win it -- you win a national primary and it imposes itself on the early states. >> that could make this the most powerful piece of furniture in america! >> exactly. >> right now, i'm mowing my lawn. my dubs is going to washington, my dog and he discovers the greatness of america. >> >> and it's a great christmas present. >> all right, o'reilly green room today? >> yes. yes. i will. see you then. >> straight ahead in this show in our green room getting ready for you, coming up, he's got values and character. why is he considered divisive? we'll look at the weird controversy with denver quarterback tim tebow. since when is straight edged the
3:57 am
cutting edge? >> first, he denied donald's invite to debate. now, john huntsman is calling donald trump a liar. who will voters believe? we report, you decide. [ sniffling ] [ male announcer ] all stuffed up?
3:58 am
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4:00 am
that's why we've set up santa's wonderland at bass pro shops. where kids can get their pictures with santa and this week make an ornament all for free. >> good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, december 7th. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen carlson. stop it, brian! mitt romney skipping out on the donald's high profile debate and this morning, romney is behind in another poll. is this an event he really shouldn't be missing? >> all right. they can't live in the park. so they'll just live here. the wall street protesters are moving into foreclosed homes. >> what? >> is this more entitlement? what's happened to this country? squatters! >> meanwhile, he's about to score the winning touchdown but it looks like that football player celebrated too much and he was disqualified for raising his arm with pride. and then his team loses. in the super bowl. is that fair? we'll talk about it and so much
4:01 am
more, hour two for a wet wednesday live from new york. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hi, this is tony blair and you're watching "fox & friends." >> thank you very much, tony blair. >> wow. so that cost the team a championship. >> i had no idea that the ncaa had a similar rule if you celebrate, they'll take points off the board either. we're going to debate that. i can't wait -- this is the third thing we're asking our viewers to do today, weigh in on this. >> i disagree with you on everything. i'm getting lots of e-mails and lots of tweets. >> that's ok. fair and balanced. >> any time we bring up the other side, it's perfect -- it's your right! >> believe it or not, when i disagree with you, i'm right. >> fox news alert here. pakistan's president now recovering after a hospital in dubai after suffering a minor heart attack. health care fuelling new speculation that he may be preparing to step down. according to government sources, he suffered the heart attack
4:02 am
yesterday, just two days after a phone conversation with president obama. those monitoring the call describes his speech a incoherent. there's reports that his administration has been lying about doctors' visits and falsely reported that the president was in good health. he's denying those reports, though, and says he'll be back to work tomorrow. an american citizen among 55 people murdered at a bombing at a shiite muslim shrine in kabul, afghanistan. the u.s. embassy confirming the death but not releasing the victim's name at this time. more than 100 people were hurt in the attack that came on a shiite holy day. afghan president hamid karzai cut his european trip short to return to the capital city. is was the deadliest strike on kabul in three years. three days after being busted for drunk driving, randy babbitt, the head of the f.a.a. no longer the head of the f.a.a. he called it quits. a few hours before he resigned, the transportation secretary set the stage for his departure publicly saying he was "very disappointed." babbitt waited two days to tell
4:03 am
him about the arrest. babbitt was busted in virginia on saturday night driving the wrong way down a very busy highway there. the f.a.a.'s number two man will fill the void. events planned across the country today, rememberance of the attack on pearl harbor. it was exactly 70 years ago today japanese bombers killed more than 2,000 americans. >> december 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. >> the u.s. entered world war ii the next day declaring war on japan and germany. later today, two world war ii era planes will drop 70 roses over the statue of liberty. they're anointed with water from pearl harbor. >> we basically had nothing left at that point. we had to build up our navy and get ready for war. donald trump was here a short time ago and insulted all our
4:04 am
contributors and said i want everybody to show up at my debate except for john huntsman and ron paul. this latest news, i'm sure that donald trump can't be pleased with. we told you yesterday that newt gingrich is in. rick santorum is in. the b question is would mitt romney be in? former governor of the commonwealth of massachusetts answered that question with neil cavuto yesterday. >> neil cavuto? >> no, i'm not participating in that. we have two debates in december that i've agreed to participate in. the rest of the month is going to be spent campaigning. doing the political work you've got to do to get the support of people in iowa and new hampshire, south carolina, florida. so we'll be hitting the trail. i spoke with donald trump earlier today, and indicated that we just can't make this debate. we're going to focus on the other two we've got and on some campaigning. >> what did he say? he understood my perspective and wished me well. >> i believe those were supporters behind mitt. >> very well behaved. >> here's what donald told the world.
4:05 am
"it would seem logical to me if i was substantially behind in the polls especially in iowa, south carolina and florida, i would want to participate in this debate. but i understand why governor romney decided not to do it." >> is he being sarcastic with that last line? >> i would say -- you're not an enemy of mine like john huntsman and rosie o'donnell. but i wish you'd be there. >> so rick perry is still thinking about it. michelle bachmann is still thinking about it. remember, it's shortly before the caucuses so if you had a really good debate, maybe that would help. if you did something wrong, maybe that would be helpful. it's interesting, apparently, two right leaning organizations, the american conservative union and americans for tax reform both suggested that all the republicans should be in and yesterday, late yesterday, grover nordquist said all the republicans should absolutely be in it. >> people, trump is a lightning rod and a lot of people love him
4:06 am
and a lot of people don't like him. john huntsman it seems is not a big fan of his is not going to be participating. let's listen to what he had to say. >> i called trump after i dropped out of the race to wish him well. no way did i want to meet him. no way did i want his support. there ought to be a little bit of dignity associated with the run for the presidency of the united states. >> so there you have mr. huntsman responding to something donald trump said on our program yesterday. trump said, you know, i didn't -- i didn't ask him to be on the debate because he doesn't have a chance. and then trump went on to say that mr. huntsman called donald trump and asked to meet with him. there you have mr. huntsman, former governor of utah responding to that. >> so, i think, again, i think that benefits huntsman. now he's got somebody to fight with because he cannot get on the map and he can't show -- he's not showing up in the polls. >> now it benefits him because now we're talking about him and he could use a little bit of buzz. >> the thing about this, though. what is his specialty?
4:07 am
china. what is donald trump's focus? china. that would actually have been the best exchange possible to come out of the donald trump debate. >> sure. good observation. >> thank you. that's all i have. >> i can't top that one. >> i'm thinking about it. >> did you say home? home is where the heart is. home could be where occupy wall street is. apparently, now that they can no longer sleep overnight in zuccotti park, occupy wall street protesters went to brooklyn yesterday and helped a family move into a house that was empty. >> the one who moved his family in yesterday and then after moving the family in, these 300 people stood outside and watched in case the cops came to toss them out. >> it's a foreclosed home. >> nobody is in there. bank owns it. >> no heat, no water. but there's a family and here's the man of the household right here. >> we took matters into our own
4:08 am
hands and claimed back property that was taken away from the community. the group said we will stay until we win the house for the family. and as soon as we're not needed anymore, we will leave. >> so foreclosed homes now are apparently occupy wall street fair game and they can move in there. >> nobody is in there. why not? >> this is going to be an occupy national movement. i was watching some other representative from that organization last night and they said they're going to start doing this nationwide. taking people and putting them in foreclosed homes or helping people stay in their foreclosed homes, not letting the banks toss them out. >> if you're going to put somebody there, why don't you put the people who lost their houses back in their house. >> isn't what they're trying to do. are they random wall street protest, people who don't have jobs? >> i don't know if they're going to put them in their house but they say this is just the beginning. >> meanwhile, something that will have you talking today.
4:09 am
there was a big high school game in massachusetts. cathedral high school, you'll notice the quarterback, a fellow by the name of matthew owens. during -- as he raced towards the end zone, he raised his arm like that. just like that right there. brian, that's when the trouble started. >> yeah. this guy is an 18-year-old senior. so before scoring, it was clear to him he was about to score, he is doing what the officials called celebrating/taunting. and after he scores and locks up a championship for his squad, the score gets called back because that violates a massachusetts rule that is interpreted this way. they say any taunting is enforced at the spot of the foul and the touchdown is taken off the books. >> so celebrating is taunting the other team. everybody has to win. everybody has to win these days. so yes. >> everybody gets a trophy like tee ball. >> the kid's dad said he was not taunting. it was a normal reaction to an
4:10 am
exciting moment. >> well -- >> so, i guess what do you guys think about this? >> they say in texas and massachusetts, evidently they enforce this. it catches me by surprise. number one, i don't mind the taunti taunting penalties. i'm sick of the nfl guys making an average catch and celebrating like they won the lottery. it makes no sense. i don't think you can take a score away because a kid shows natural emotion. i mean, what was he doing? he was actually rifshging the touchdown in putting one arm off the ball and putting it in the air. that wasn't taunting. if he turned and started pointing at the people trying to catch him, that's taunting. this is not taunting. >> it's one of those rules are rules and everybody has to abide by them. if he's raising his hand and he's celebrating i.e. taunting and somebody else is doing it at another game -->> i don't define that as taunting, juliet. >> but when you put your hand up to score, not that i ever felt that feeling, to score, then you say to yourself, hey, i can't believe this is about to happen. i'm about to win the championship in my senior year. that's what i get from it.
4:11 am
and i think massachusetts is way out of bounds. it costs this kid a title, a memory, and the team a title. >> his team the title. >> sure. what do you think? does that look like taunting to you? do you think it was appropriate that they effectively took the championship title away from that team? >> they took it away from cathedral and gave it to blue hills regional school. final score 16-14. >> does blue hills really want that? >> they'll take it anyway they can get it. i'm sure the people on that team would say absolutely, that's taunting. >> write in, let us know. >> tell us what's happening. this is the third assignment. we'll look at all of them and actually grade you. those who agree with me and steve are the ones who are going to be read. >> juliet's password. >> straight ahead -- >> president obama delivering his best teddy roosevelt. was this our first look at his re-election strategy? if so, will it work? >> a house is on fire.
4:12 am
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4:15 am
>> president obama yesterday delivering yet another economic speech in kansas. it is the same town where 101 years ago, theodore roosevelt delivered his new nationalism address and yesterday, president obama channelled the past president. rough rider. >> i believe that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot. when everyone does their fair share. when everyone plays by the same rules. >> these aren't democratic values or republican values,
4:16 am
these aren't 1% values or 99% values. they're american values. and we have to reclaim them! >> ok, but hold your horses, our next guest says not only did the president sound like teddy roosevelt but sounded a lot like president clinton. >> he would know. the former special counsel to president clinton. good to have you here, sir. >> hi. >> we heard the word fair 14 times, i believe it was, steven, in the president's speech yesterday. what did you think overall of the speech? >> well, first of all, i think he's trying to claim the center, not the left. i listened to a cerain group of pundits talking about him going through the occupy wall street economic popularism. he picked theodore roosevelt, he didn't pick franklin roosevelt. theodore was a moderate republican straddling the middle of the road. so i think obama identifying
4:17 am
with clinton in this speech and his economic policies sounded more centrist and clintonian speaking theodore roosevelt than picking franklin roosevelt. >> something else is interesting is why he was talking about everybody getting a fair deal, because that's what he would like and he did mention fair 14 times and he mentioned the middle class something like 20 times as well, to raise the middle class up, the people who are out of work have got to get jobs. he really punted on that and didn't tell people how he wanted to put people in jobs. >> look, that's fair comment. he cannot overcome the economic realities on the ground by great speeches. i thought that was a great speech. the fact that the unemployment rate dropped apparently temporarily down 8.6% is good news but it's still way higher than the amount predicted after the economic stimulus program so he's going to be make or break moment is not this speech. it is what happens on the ground
4:18 am
with job creation and we'll know that in october of 2012. >> are you surprised by what you're seeing in the polls today with regard to what's happening in iowa and sort of the general sense there about the republicans and how they would do, gingrich vs. obama versus romney vs. obama? >> the thing to keep your eye on in any horse race contest against obama is where president obama is. not where the others are. he's in the 40's in approval rating and he can't seem to crack 50%. incumbent president is really being voted for or against. that means a majority of the country isn't ready to say i'm for barack obama's re-election. i'm supporting obama but i'm very concerned this looks like 1980 where jimmy carter couldn't break the 40's. ronald reagan looked totally unelectable. we all wanted him as our nominee because he was so far to the right, a former movie actor that he couldn't get elected. but carter was stalled in the
4:19 am
40's and the very last weekend when their polls showed them neck and neck there was an avalanche of undecideds that broke to ronald reagan, the unelectable republican. that's what i would be worried about if i was the obama campaign rather than trying to set new themes about theodore roosevelt. >> interesting stuff. thank you, sir. have a great day. >> thank you. >> he's one of the nfl players to hasn't shot himself in the leg, been involved in dog fighting or arrested for drunk driving but he is still one of the most controversial, maybe the most controversial. we're talking about tim tebow. up next, since when is being a good role model a bad thing? >> no kidding! and a bus driver tries to catch a few winks. while out on the freeway and cameras caught the whole thing. you got to see it to believe it. my name's jeff.
4:20 am
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4:23 am
>> now, time for your news by the numbers. first, 694. that's how many bills congress passed in 2011 making it one of the least productive sessions in history! even compared to other nonelection years. next, 4500. that's how many jobs citigroup is cutting worldwide. the layoffs start today and will cost citi $400 million in severance pay. wow. and 18. that's how old elian gonzalez turns today. remember him? the cuban boy just 6 years old when sparked an international custody battle when a fisherman found him floating on a raft off the coast of florida. >> all right, brian, let's talk tebow. >> yeah, steve, remind me of that story. i have no recollection. he's only 24 years old and it's only his second season in the
4:24 am
league but already, tim tebow is arguably the most divisive, controversial figure in the national football league, the world's most popular league. why? besides leading his team on a five game-winning streak, he's a christian and that has his critics crying foul. reflecting on a column he wrote and getting tremendous reflection is chris lowry, he calls it the weird controversy of tim tebow. what it makes it weird to you? >> you have this incredibly wholesome, polarizing guy, and the nfl experts can't stand him because he's succeeding when they say he has the wrong style to play. there's some people that don't like the overt religious displays and this is why i think it's most disturbing. i believe some people just can't stand the fact that he's so sincere, earnest, and wholesome. it drives them crazy. >> they're looking at a 3d image
4:25 am
and they're saying that he shouldn't be allowed to play. we have a guy here who basically hasn't -- i don't think he walks against traffic. >> right. >> jake plummer was once an nfl quarterback. he weighed in on this and then tebow heard what jake said and followed up. i want you to hear this exchange. >> tebow, regardless of whether i wish he'd just shut up after a game and go hug his teammates, i think he's a winner, you know, and i respect that about him and he accepts the fact that we know he loves jesus christ, then i think i'll like him a little better. >> i respect, you know, jake's opinion and i really appreciate his compliment with calling me a winner but i feel like any time i get the opportunity, you know, to give the lord some praise, he's due for it. >> it's an interesting story in this. here he is a quarterback that won the heisman as a sophomore that he's been in the public eye really for four or five or six years. yet people are critical of his ability and this other thing
4:26 am
happens. every time he starts, they win. >> yeah. and it's amazing, he not only never does the wrong thing as far as we can tell, he never says the wrong thing. and that exchange was a great example. my favorite example was the detroit lion linebacker sacks him during a game and then tebow prays on one knee right next to him. really mocking him and tebow after the game is asked about it and he said oh, he just made a good play and he was happy about it. good for him, you know? >> how many nfl players are going to have that kind of reaction and you're alluding to this earlier in that high school controversy, there's so many nfl receivers, they make one catch and they pretend they've won the super bowl. so we can't have one player who just takes a knee once or twice during the game to give glory to his god? >> why don't people just realize, hey, parents out there who watch sports and wonder are these kids good role models? we found one. >> yeah. and i know so many fathers who, whether it's tiger woods or other players that just hate the fact that they had to make these extremely awkward explanations
4:27 am
for their children about what their role model did. and you're just never going to have that problem from tim tebow and we all should be rejoicing because of it. >> let's see if john elway decides to keep in the fray in denver. >> don't taunt me after this segment. >> i promise not to taunt you. >> your taunting ritual is driving me crazy. >> they'll take back the whole first hour and i'll be charged for it. thanks a lot, rich. straight ahead, a new mcdonald's campaign making many people angry. they say it's using september 11th to promote french fries. we'll report, you decide. they're supposed to put fires out. why do these firefighters watch this house burn to the ground? we'll tell you, it won't make you happy. ♪ ♪
4:28 am
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4:31 am
"doesn't it bother you you're not reliable?" and they say, "shut up!" and i'm like, "you shut up." in business, it's all about reliability. 'cause these guys aren't just hitting "print." they're hitting "dream." so that's what i do. i print dreams, baby. [whispering] big dreams. >> here's your shot of the morning and it's a controversial ad for mcdonald's. some are upset by this lighting display in chicago that promotes their new best fries on the planet. it's me want to look like a giant box of french fries. >> yeah. >> but some say it looks too much like the tribute in lights that honors the 9/11 victims every year. mcdonald's has not comment on the comparison. >> i don't know if it looks like a box of french fries, though. that's the problem. >> maybe if they stagger them a little bit farther apart. with the tribute in lights, you
4:32 am
have two of them rather than just one. >> a little sensitive there, maybe. >> meanwhile, you know, you've heard us talk about how so many municipalities are out of money. what are they going to do to make up the slack. in tennessee, for a number of years, apparently, they've had this thing, an annual service fee. if you want the fire department to come when you pick up the phone and call them there in south fulton, tennessee, they will come out to your place if you're outside the city limits for $75. but you better make sure you pay the fee or else. >> what do you mean or else? >> or else they don't put the fire out in your house. >> is that what happened? that's exactly what happened. here's a quote from the mayor. there's no way to go to every fire and keep up the manpower, the equipment and the funding for the fire department after the last situation, i would hope that everybody would be well affair of the rural fire fees this time. >> how many fires are there? >> because a fire happens and they didn't pay the fees and they let it burn.
4:33 am
>> recently, vickie bell, her mobile home was on fire. the fire department pulled up and she could see them. they didn't get out the hose. some call it spray for pay. a year ago, a fellow called up and he didn't pay the $75, his house burned to the ground. he was pleading with the fire guys. he will pay you anything if you would go ahead and put my house out. they didn't. >> it's not the firefighters' fault. they're told what to do. >> it should be like doctors. if you're a doctor and somebody collapses in front of you, you don't go i have to go to the gym. you have to help that person. i think if you're a firefighter with the hose in your hand, you're right there. >> can't use the equipment, though. >> going to cost you $150. >> didn't the mayor say they can't go to all the fires, how many fires are they having in that area? they were there. >> the mayor just said if, you know, if we put everybody's fire out, who doesn't pay, nobody is going to wind up paying. >> that mayor. >> it does seem a little odd.
4:34 am
common sense, folks. department of justice embroiled in a new scandal similar to the botched fast and furious operation. this time, they are accused of helping mexican cartels launder tens of millions of dollars in drug money. >> all the families here today, my brother, your son, peter doocy live in washington with an update. >> good morning, juliet. 5:00 p.m. today is the deadline that darrell issa has given the attorney general eric holder to provide him with a briefing about these money laundering allegations. issa wants to know if the d.e.a. which works under the justice department tried to dismantle mexican drug cartels by helping them launder millions of dollars in cash, sometimes up to $10 million at a time. he says if they did, it calls holder's leadership into question. >> as you know, drug seizures and, in fact, rolling up these cartels hasn't happened in the several years of this administration. so we have to ask the question of how long are they going to
4:35 am
continue with either failed strategy particularly when we understand that money is the lifeblood of the drug trade. with money, they can corrupt the system in mexico. >> here's the response from the d.e.a., the drug enforcement administration has been working collaboratively with the mexican government to fight money laundering for years. as a part of that collaboration, d.e.a. works with mexican authorities to gather and use information about these criminal organizations to counter the threat they pose to both of our countries. so it's clear from that statement that the d.e.a. is denying nothing at this time and at the state department yesterday, spokesman mark tone was asked point blank over and over again if they laundered the money and he never gave a straight answer. he sponlded that's something the d.e.a. has to answer. back to you guys. >> all right. live report from d.c. thank you. >> i'm getting reports that my 8-year-old daughter is on the road with michelle bachmann and she'll be reporting from the bachmann camp. >> your daughter is embedded with the camp. >> exactly.
4:36 am
it wasn't my decision. she wants to be on her own and i'm not going to be holding her back. >> christmas is coming. you need the extra jack. >> thank you. >> we'll go to headlines right now and start with the fox news alert coming to us from san francisco. scores of police officers arriving in riot gear to begin dismantling protesters in a downtown plaza. several hundred demonstrators have taken up residence there over the past few weeks. according to local reports, dozens of police cars, fire engines, ambulances have surrounded and blocked off the area. so far, police arrested one person. former m.f. global boss jon corzine wanted for questioning in washington. former democratic senator and governor from new jersey in the congressional hot seat tomorrow and today, the house financial services committee is expected to slap him with the third subpoena. congress wants to know what happened to more than a billion dollars in customers' money that went missing. we will have to see if corzine will actually testify or plead the fifth. the justice department warning alabama police not to discriminate against latinos as
4:37 am
they enforce the state's tough new immigration law. the head of the department of justice's civil rights division sent a letter to 156 police agencies saying they could lose their federal funding if they discriminate. the new law allows alabama police to arrest illegal immigrants. a close call for students in tacoma, washington when their bus driver falls asleep at the wheel right in the middle of a busy highway. look at one very alert student thankfully who jumps into action. >> you all right? >> no. >> the 65-year-old driver now on administrative leave pending an investigation. students and their parents, though, obviously are still shaken up. >> our school system says they're doing all these things to prevent bullying at school, to prevent, you know, school shootings and all these things happening. who is preventing things from happening when our kids are riding the bus to school? who is making sure our kids are safe then? >> she's shaken up. wow. driver did take a drug test after the incident, the school
4:38 am
district is now awaiting those results. >> oh, boy! >> steven? >> all right, juliet. let's take a look at the weather and look at these pictures, they are live -- >> no. >> yes. out of east memphis, tennessee. >> wow. >> from our affiliate out there, as you can see, the snow is falling there. brian, this is part of a larger storm system that's going to be moving through our area tonight into tomorrow. so -- >> we're not getting snow, are we? >> i'm not going to acknowledge that. >> up along the i-95 corridor. let's take a look at where it is raining and where it is snowing currently with our maps. >> didn't it snow in october here? >> that's exactly right. knocked out my electricity for five days. thank you! big storm moving from new england through the gulf coast and the front of the storm soaking rain. on the back of the storm, there is some snow. and there will be a short periods of heavy snow tonight into tomorrow morning. it's not going to be a major
4:39 am
snow event. but nonetheless, it will be a slippy go. current temperatures as you can see behind the front, it's cold. 32, freezing right now in memphis. it's only 18 in kansas city. 60's along the mid atlantic. later on today as you can see, things are going to warm up. mid atlantic, 71 today in raleigh. 47 today in dallas. and that's a quick look at the fox travelcast now. time for baseball. >> albert pujols may be playing hard to get this morning after long day of negotiations in the winter meetings, the all star first baseman, no doubt about it the best player in baseball hasn't decided where he'll be playing next year. the miami marlins reportedly because they have a brand new stadium have offered him a 10 year $200 million deal. they won't put in a no trade clause. the st. louis cardinals, his current team has a lucrative deal on the table and pujols is expected to make his final decision in the next 24 hours. they already signed jose raez in miami. it looks like the rumors aren't true. bret favre denying reports that
4:40 am
he's considering yet another nfl comeback. he issued a statement late last night saying he's not in negotiations with the chicago bears or the houston texans or any other team for that matter. he says he's just enjoying retirement with his family. report from his camp said he'd be listening if there were offers. i don't know what to believe because it seems as though that he goes back on his word a few times. talk about going out with a whimper. long time orlando magic ceo bob vanderweed resigning days after drunk dialing the team's best player, dwight howard. he admits he called the center at 1:00 in the morning begging him to stay with the team. howard is a free agent at the end of the season. rumors have it he'd like to be traded before the season is up so he might as well put on a nets or knicks uniform, i believe. or they'll be trading him this year so they get something for him. >> meanwhile, 19 minutes before the top of the hour. president obama invoked his best ted teddy roosevelt to push his economic agenda. is this more class warfare at work? peter johnson jr. takes a closer
4:41 am
look. >> they redo kitchens and their cousins. the new show they're on is called kitchen cousins. they're here live showing you how to upgrade your kitchen. and right now, they're in ours. >> yes indeed. [ male announcer ] what if that hemorrhoid pain is non-stop to seattle? just carry preparation h totables. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief. from the brand doctors recommend most by name. preparation h totables. the anywhere preparation h.
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4:44 am
on the network they deserve. like the powful droid char by samsung, or get the samsung stratosphere, and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon. >> welcome back, president obama's economic speech in kansas yesterday seemed more like a campaign stop to some. here's the president channelling
4:45 am
teddy roosevelt and then knocking the free market system. >> he believed then what we know is true today. that the free market is the greatest force for economic progress in human history but roosevelt also knew that the free market has never been a free license to take whatever you can from whomever you can. >> so is this a continuation of the president's plan to promote class warfare? as some are suggesting. joining us now with more is fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. don't let me finish in introducing you. >> i know time is short. i want to maximize it! the point is this. this is the latest delivery in the presidents of the month club. we had the president channelling f.d.r., truman, lincoln, other presidents. well, there's a big strategy, to convince the people that he's someone other than he is. and so what we've had yesterday was really an easy listening, occupy wall street. this is a smooth jazz liberation
4:46 am
theology speech. >> because of what we just heard there? >> absolutely. this is a channelling of the same sentiments, the same thoughts that have been going forward on occupy wall street. >> still his job approval rating is mediocre at best. >> you're absolutely right. and the message is redistribution socially, economically and in terms of justice. and in so the president is saying, i'm the great american moralists fortunately i'm -- i'm making a moral statement. the moral statement echoing theodore roosevelt in that speech, in that same town, a historic speech, he went on to lose for the presidency thereafter was we need to be fair. now, how do you argue with the notion that we need to be fair? >> i guess it's what is your definition of fair? >> what's your definition of fair? republicans may have a different definition. >> can social justice and liberty live together? does fair mean penalizing the rich? does fair mean that the rich
4:47 am
should pay more for the entitlement state and that the middle class should pay less for the entitlement state? does fair mean the middle class should become the entitled state? it means what you think it means. it's a call to say that there are some haves that have too much and there are others you that have too little so i want to give you what they have. they should pay more, you should get more and then things will be fair. the problem is there's no policy or program to create jobs or to reduce taxes so to have this bromide and evoke p.r., one of the great american presidents, that's a wonderful thing politically but what's the policy? what's the program? what are you going to do? >> the president himself disagrees with those who say as we mentioned in the intro that he is promoting class warfare. he says no, he's promoting the welfare of the country.
4:48 am
>> it's a very well crafted speech, probably one of the better written speeches he's given that's been crafted for him but the message is clear. redistribution is necessary. >> i'll leave it at that. peter johnson jr., p.j.j., thank you very much. all right. watch this. >> i will watch it. >> i'll watch it. >> they redo kitchens and they're cousins and they're very good looking. all the ladies, by the way, they're single, both of them. i'm told. not that i care, first on this day in history in 1978, the number one country song. who wrote that? called "the freak" and it was not country. sing it for me, peter. come on. get down, peter. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style.
4:49 am
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4:52 am
>> larry bird is the answer to the trivia question of the day. the winner is mark in flushing, michigan. congratulations. well, our next two guests are cousins who specialize in making mediocre kitchens and turning them into something amazing and they had their toughest job yet trying to please their own family. >> we have two weeks to get this done and if you want this kitchen by thanksgiving, we need to get it ordered. you grow up in this kitchen and you think this is kind of weird. ask me how many times my mom has called me today! this isn't even close! might not be done in time for thanksgiving. >> you're not going to waste our time, are you? >> this doesn't go in today and doesn't fit, i don't have a seat at the thanksgiving table. >> well, did they get the job done? you betcha. take a look at the before and after shots of the kitchen.
4:53 am
very, very nice. and now, here are the hosts of "kitchen cousins" a new series on hgtv, anthony carrino and john calanari. >> thanks for having us. >> now, it's called "kitchen cousins" because you're cousins. >> we are. we're actual cousins and we are actual contractors and we happened to be on tv now. >> so your dad and -- >> my mom and his dad. >> and my father. >> ok. very good. and i know your family. >> you do know my family. >> from back in the day. >> yes. now, there are people watching right now who would like to have a great kitchen. and they would like a little bit of help. there's some things you should -- >> for free! >> for free. everybody wants it for free. everybody wants it for free. >> you say people at home can do countertops, back splash and put graphics up on the walls, right? >> we always -- what we try to tell people is try to do a project that's easy on the weekends. doing something like a back splash is really easy.
4:54 am
it's something you can do in a couple of hours. totally transforms your kitchen which is beautiful. something like a wall graphic is great also instead of just painting, you actually can create a nice design element that's a little different. >> nice inexpensive way to kind of update, you know, the look and you'll see different things on the episodes that we do that are smaller but then when you get into that bigger stuff, you want to stick to the pros. >> look at the pictures of you overhauling your house, john. >> oh, my god! >> it's got to be tough to have your mother and father as the client. any haywire stuff and you're dead. >> haywired stuff! i was harassed. >> and the snow storm hit -- >> snowstorm hit and it was power for five days. it was crazy. >> plus at the same time, you're trying to do a tv show. >> we had, i'm not even joking, we had three generators running my parents' house. >> didn't want to hear about not having thanks giving in the house. you did a great job.
4:55 am
folks at home trying to save money can do the back splash and countertops and the wall graphics and stuff like this. when it comes to electricity or plumbing, you probably ought to leave that to somebody who has a professional tool belt. >> absolutely. we've seen it too many times. we go to these renovations and the electrical work, home owners tried to do their special, tied some circuits together and can create a serious fire hazard. we tell people, leave it to the professionals really. >> what's the reaction been to you guys? the kitchen cousins now that you're in action. >> it's been really fantastic. i mean, every week, it just keeps getting better and better. >> are you looking for kitchens to redo? i'm sure we got some people out there in tv land. >> always. always. >> check out, you can send stuff in through them. we're always looking for more kitchens. >> and juliet said you're also looking for girls. >> well -- >> are you -- >> thank you, juliet. thank you. >> i'm a giver. i'm a giver. didn't mean it like that. just saying, you know, giving
4:56 am
the information. >> they got the tv show. there's the magnet, pal. >> exactly. wednesday nights. >> a couple of tv stars who not only can do kitchens and grout but they have all -- >> tonight is actually the episode that's on, that's, you know, my aunt and uncle, his parents. >> everybody should definitely watch. >> 9:30 tonight. >> we'll have to watch given the fact that you had all those generators. >> now you know. >> all right, fellas, thank you very much. >> thank you for having us. >> and they're cousins. straight ahead, the g.o.p. candidates have been holding fire until now. the ad wars are on and they're going negative. we'll take a look at what works and what simply does not. and then alec baldwin, legendary hot head booted from an airplane. he said he wanted to play the game words with friends. but there may be more to this story. looking good! you lost some weight.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> juliet: hey, everybody. good morning. today is wednesday, december 7. i'm juliet huddy. the president reveals his populist approach. >> this country succeed when is everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share. competition is fair. everyone gets a fair chance. gets a fair shot at success. >> juliet: what is fair? steven? >> steve: what is balanced? meanwhile, a town haller tried to grill governor chris christy and as usual, the governor fired right back at him. >> if i planted the question, why the hell did i call on you? >> steve: was chris christie too aggressive? juliet thought so. what do you think? we report. you decide.
5:01 am
>> brian: 'cause she talks when you're talking. better late than never. alec baldwin, his dad was my summer creation supervisor. now back in new york after getting thrown off his first flight. what did he do wrong? well, that depends on who you ask. what an uproar. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> i'm billy baldwin and you're watching "fox & friends." >> brian: billy is one of the good baldwins. >> juliet: they're all good baldwins. they provide much entertainment. pakistan's president now in stable condition after having a heart attack. he was taken to dubai for treatment two days after a conversation he had with president obama. during the conversation, his speech was apparently incoherent. the latest health scare fueling
5:02 am
new speculations are he may be preparing to step down. in the past, his administration has been accused of trying to cover up doctors' reports showing a history of illness. he has denied those reports and he plans to be back at work tomorrow. another fox news alert. you are about to look live at san francisco, california, where 50 protesters are occupying jail cells this morning. occupy being the operative word. they got a rude awakening as police officers started dismantling protest camp in a downtown plaza. police tearing down 100 tents so far. new video, is taped. fresh, though. according to local reports, dozens of police cars, fire engines, ambulance, surrounded the blocked off area. they're arresting anybody who refuses to leave. three days after being busted for drunk driving, randy babbitt called it quits a. few hours before he resigned, the transportation secretary set the stage for his departure saying he was, quote, very
5:03 am
disappointed. he was busted in virginia, by the way, driving the wrong way down a busy highway. the faa's number two man will fill the void. call it the glitch that stole christmas. take a look at what happened at the annual christmas tree lighting in washington, d.c. last night. >> five, four, three, two, one. come on. >> juliet: they were scared. you can see everything was off to a normal start. but then the lights went out in d.c shortly after the white fir was lit. the whole thing was a technical glitch, caused by the rainy weather, these things happen. several minutes later, everything was fine, back with the glowing light. the tree will be lit through new year's day. why are you making faces at me? >> brian: i didn't think a tree glowed. >> juliet: it glows, the haze, the fog. >> steve: yeah, why not? whoopsie daisy. let's talk about this, for almost an hour, the president of
5:04 am
the united states stood in front of 1500 people in kansas. >> brian: i'm glad you said that, you're from kansas. >> steve: i heard everybody yesterday say osowatamati. anyway, he was actually channeling teddy roosevelt and today in the daily news, you can see what you get when you combine teddy roosevelt with the current president of the united states. there he is, our rough rider president. he mentioned teddy roosevelt eight times, mentioned the middle class eight times and he used the word fair 14 times. watch. >> this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot. when everyone does their fair share. competition is fair. everyone gets a fair chance. gets a fair shot at success. asking everybody to do their fair share. make sure everybody pays their fair share. fair play, their shot. restore fairness.
5:05 am
everyone engages in fair play and everybody gets a fair shot. and everybody does their fair share. >> juliet: he mentioned the word fair a few times. >> brian: 101 years ago when teddy roosevelt offered the square deal and he was running for a third time. he lost because america wasn't ready for a square deal. then, and they may not be comfortable with the message. that's what charles krauthammer thinks. >> he himself was asked, can you say to americans, are you better off than you were four years ago? the answer was no. so he's got to find an excuse. he starts by blaming george bush. you can do that for a year or two and after that it's whining. then he tries to blame the world, the arab spring, the european debt crisis, the japanese tsunami. that doesn't exactly work, it looks like weakness. he says the reason you are suffering, the reason that the middle class is squeezed is
5:06 am
nothing that i did. it's not the way i did a stimulus or obamacare or anything in my administration. it's because of the rich, like jon corzine, i would ask? it's not a plausible argument. >> steve: there you've got charles krauthammer invoking corzine the same day the president made the anti--- he did elements of anti-wall street in his speech, the same week that it was revealed that bill clinton's wall street firm was taking $50,000, what, a month? >> brian: yeah. >> steve: in consulting fees? >> brian: some people were upset by it. some were wondering where that was from. we heard the fairness. the "new york times" says it was the most potent blow the president struck against the economic theory. >> juliet: lainy davis, thought it was a great speech. >> brian: that does not surprise me. >> steve: when teddy roosevelt went there, he had a crowd of how many? >> brian: don't know.
5:07 am
>> steve: 30,000. >> brian: 30,000 people. and did he fly? >> steve: no. >> brian: no jets. >> steve: he was a rough rider and back in those days with those roads, it was a rough ride. >> juliet: my blacks with berry has been # -- i thought what -- >> steve: chris christie was doing a town hall yesterday in west new york, new jersey, which is just across the river from where we are and a fellow got up and he asked a question, hey, do you ever have anybody plant questions in the audience, because i was sitting next to somebody named candy who said that apparently they knew you. it sounds like a plant. >> brian: here is governor christie and the interaction with that question. >> first of all, i don't know who candy is. i may have a friend named candy. i don't know who you're talking about. secondly, to say it's a planted question, that means my staff is telling someone to ask a particular question and that doesn't happen. so you really, in front of this
5:08 am
group, with all the important issues that we have going on in this state, you're wasting these people's time with a question on whether we plant questions in the audience. >> with all due respect, if it was a planted question, you are wasting time at the town hall meeting. >> if i planted the question, why the hell did i call on you? [ laughter ] >> juliet: we don't know really what happened up to that point. we don't know if that guy has been in other town halls harassing him. >> brian: it doesn't matter. he was wasting everybody's time. >> juliet: that's a perfectly legitimate question to ask. >> brian: is it because there were a lot of easy questions to governor christie? it seems like he gets hard questions that's why he has so many blowups. >> juliet: i wouldn't have a question if somebody asked that. >> steve: i've been to one of his town halls. they seem completely spontaneous to me. but here is the thing, the guy was asking, because he had heard
5:09 am
somebody said they were a friend of the governor's. if you are a plant in an audience, are you going to say, hey, i'm a plant. i'm a friend of the governor's. >> juliet: no, but i think candy suggested that she was a friend -- >> steve: i' a plant. >> juliet: she proceeded to ask a question. in my mind, that would make a normal person -- i live in jersey. i love the governor. he does an amazing job. >> brian: you might even have a friend named candy. >> juliet: yes. >> steve: i like candy. >> brian: i know that. >> juliet: i actually do have is a friend named candy. >> brian: so you're from new jersey? >> juliet: i live there, yes. >> juliet: i'm from another area. >> steve: alec baldwin in trouble this morning. he was kicked off an airplane in los angeles after fighting with a flight attendant and refusing to turn off his ipad. the correspondent for wnyw, john
5:10 am
huddy, related to somebody i know, is live at jfk airport right now where alec baldwin eventually arrived late last night on another flight. easy for me to say. >> right. yes. on the second flight. i think it's safe to say that mr. baldwin will not be flying the friendly skies any time soon, at least that's what he tweeted. first of all, look at the video when alec baldwin arrived here on that second flight late last night. usually very talkative. he was a man of few words when he got here. only asking at one point, where is my driver, referencing his limo driver before leaving from the airport after being surrounded by paparrazzi and other media. however, earlier in the evening, he tweeted quite a bit on twitter and he posted several messages, including one in which he, after being kicked off the flight at lax for not getting off his ipad after being told to do so by the flight attendant, he basically mocked american airlines and the flight attendants tweeting, and i believe we have that, take a look. he said, quote, the last flight
5:11 am
with american where retired catholic school gym teachers from the 1950s find jobs as flight attendants. now, some passengers who were on board the flight say it wasn't that big a deal, that he got upset. others say he threw a temper tantrum. he caused the flight to be delayed longer than it was. it was already delayed 45 minutes, an hour. among those passengers on board that flight was the famous boxer, oscar de la hoya who had this to say about the whole incident. listen. >> alec baldwin was turning off his devices and he just got a little angry. >> he was on his phone. he didn't want to get off the phone and he snuck into the bathroom and became a little irate. was very rude. caused us to be delayed. not very considerate. >> by the way, baldwin was in beverly hills mop night where he was being mondayored by a group called people for the american
5:12 am
way foundation. this is a liberal advocacy group that lobbies for people's constitutional rights, including the right to a fair court. and i said this earlier, i think it's fair to say at this point, this is going to be about how the court of public opinion views mr. baldwin. back to you. >> steve: all right. john huddy live at jfk. >> juliet: great job, john. >> steve: very nicely done. >> steve: alec baldwin has an angry past, as we go to the big board. in 1995, october, mr. baldwin was charged with beating up a photographer. i believe he was acquitted and then in september of -- >> brian: the judge ruled he had it coming. >> steve: a costume designer quit due to his behavior. >> juliet: in april 2007, there was that audio tape when he called his 12-year-old daughter a rude, thoughtless little pig? >> steve: yes. >> brian: then he was kicked off a plane and alienated 50 people. >> juliet: listening now to the people who were on the plane, i'm reserving my judgment.
5:13 am
>> brian: can you imagine getting yelled at and then going into the bathroom? >> juliet: sometimes you know when we fly, the flight attendants, certain airlines are nice. >> steve: straight ahead on this wednesday morning, snow cones to fight terror? you heard it right. so why is homeland security using homeland security money to buy snow cone machines? >> juliet: are people weigh not guilty on that one? >> steve: yes indeed. >> juliet: the ad wars are heating up in gop gop. the political panel will debate that coming up next.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
>> brian: the iowa caucus nears and the gop candidates are stepping up their game with a tv ad blitz. watch. >> you want big cuts? ron paul has been screaming it for years. budget crisis? no problem. >> the right answer for america is to stop the federal deposit
5:17 am
and start the growth of the private sector. >> america's greatest leaders have been people of strong faith, strong values. that makes for a strong america. >> working together. we can and will rebuild the america we love. >> brian: who will be the last man or woman standing? let's turn to our panel. talking politics. former republican senator of new york, fox news contributor al demotto is here. rick newman. and the executive director of the american values institute, alexis ma gill johnson is here. senator, we begin with you. so far, the ads, somewhat positive outside ron paul. is that okay? >> i think they have to be positive. they have to be saying what they stand for. that's romney's big problem. no one knows what he stands for and so the republican voters aren't happy and they're going all over the place right now. they started first with perry. he went down. then they went to cain.
5:18 am
he went down. now they're going to newt and it's a question of when he goes down if he goes down in the polls before the own or whether obama takes him down. but he will be going down. >> brian: i guess romney is being urged strongly to start getting negative on newt. he hasn't really done that. >> once looked like the man in charge, he wants to have front runner status and he's trying to play it that way. he wants to look presidential. not stoop to negativity. but in these debates, there has been plenty of negativity in those debates. those have been free ads for all the candidates. so maybe we're just seeing the other side of the coin in these ads now, which is you've seen us all try to beat the tar out of each other. now maybe here is what i stand for. >> brian: people like hope and change. just not delivered it. alexis? >> i think that there is a huge danger in going negative right now. i think that the majority of american voters are really fed up already with the divisiveness in our politics. i think this is really about
5:19 am
differentiating themselves and putting out a really clear message. >> brian: what i think, senator, from the outside, is that if you want to win iowa, you don't go negative. but if you want to win new hampshire, florida and south carolina, game on. correct? >> look, iowa is going to be very difficult for romney to win. >> brian: newt with a commanding lead. >> yeah. newt has the lead. he's got the initiative. and it's up to the media to destroy him. incredible article for the post. in terms of all of his gaffes, he says he was not a lobbyist, when he obviously was a lobbyist. these are the kinds of things that will destroy him in the general election. >> brian: especially when a republican is ripping a republican. that goes a long way because if you're a republican voter, they look to the columnist and commentators. you mind staying?
5:20 am
>> sure. >> brian: same outfits. the panel sticks around. the among the questions, the president trying to explain why people are not better off than when he took office. mitt romney's critics say h's too boring. what would his wife, ann, say about that? she's here to share a different side of mitt. [ male announcer ] new vicks nature fusion cold & flu syrup.
5:21 am
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5:23 am
>> brian: yesterday it was kansas, president obama trying to strike a populist tone with voters. listen to the president repeat the word fair over and over and over again. >> this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot. when everyone does their fair share. competition is fair. everyone gets a fair chance. gets a fair shot at success. asking everybody to --
5:24 am
>> brian: it was a 40 minute speech, he said it 17 times. this speech likely to win over voters for 2012? back with our political johnson. alexis, do you like the so-called square deal message that the president gave us? >> absolutely. and i think it's about time that he finally got on this message. i think that -- y'all, i don't know what's wrong with fair. that's like where our country and nation was founded around, very core american values. it's not a partisan value. what he's really talking about is this challenge that we have with the 1% that actually controls 40% of the wealth today. and in the same time they've increased that leverage, the middle class has been declining. that's not fair. >> brian: there should be, i always thought, senator, an opportunity to be successful in america. i didn't think there was a guarantee. sometimes some of those people earned that money. >> that's true. and i think both the president and alexis hit on something. people are thinking that the system isn't fair and that the politicians are politicians and
5:25 am
that they're not working for the people. the middle class is under incredible pressure. it is shrinking. so the president's message -- and i don't support him -- but the president's message was a heck of a message, fair and protect the middle class. >> brian: vilifying the most successful. is that going to work? >> that's class warfare and it is working because people see a disconnect. they see a disconnect when executives are making 30 and $40 million because they head a corporation. is that fair. >> brian: yeah, if the board of directors set it. if you don't like the board of directors, don't invest in that company. what do you think, rick? >> it's unmistakable this is a strong poll tested theme. people clearly feel the system is rigged against the middle class. obama's problem is he's proposing government as the solution. people don't trust government. they look at what's happening in washington, approval range for congress is at record lows. obama's numbers are low. people are saying yeah, we agree
5:26 am
about the problem, we don't think the government is the solution. >> the part of why they don't value government is because government has been in bed with these corporations for so long and they've actually created the opportunity. >> obama is not saying how he's going to solve that problem. >> brian: no one took more money for their campaign than president obama. he's got to get more money to get his billion dollars. great debate. have a great date. >> thanks. >> brian: 26 minutes after the hour. the latest weapon in the war on terror, snow cones and taxpayer money being used to pay for them. wait until you hea why. then critics say he's just too nice. he needs to get more aggressive. how does mitt romney -- does mitt romney have it in him? we'll ask his wife, ann, who is in the green room tolerating steve, barely are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
5:27 am
or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. ould've had a v8.
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but to be honest, i find the omega choices overwhelming. which one is right for me? then i found new pronutrients omega-3. it's from centrum, a name i trust. it goes beyond my heart to support my brain and eyes too. and these ultra-concentrated minigels are much smaller than many others. it's part of a whole new line of supplements. there's probiotic and fruit & veggie too. new pronutrients from centrum helps make nutrition possible. >> juliet: time for the morning shot of the morning. >> steve: good. >> juliet: this man is stuck living in a clear box, until the public set him free. brian is out there. brian, what is going on? >> brian: it's very exciting. i'm tingling right now. if i tooky clothes off, you'd see it. mark is with us again. mark, you're an outstanding comedian who has been with us before. tell me some of the stunts you pulled off? >> i live in ikea for a week.
5:31 am
i lived on an airplane. i went to every single starbucks in manhattan in less than 24 hours and consumed some and lived it talk about it. >> brian: now you'll be out here until you do something. kodak decided to put a downloadable app where you can take your facebook photos and make it into an album. >> my kodak moments. i'll be here until 1 million people set me free by setting free their photos. >> brian: you have to stay in this box -- get in there -- you have to stay in this box and you could be here a week! >> yes, it could be one week. it could be two weeks. if it's three weeks, tell my wife i love her and miss her. >> brian: you're not going to eat or drink? >> i was counting on you and steve doocy bringing me food throughout the day. >> brian: we're going to be too busy. but i'll have like o'reilley, he's so friendly and he loves doing this stuff. he could do that. on top of that, we'll be able to track you on "fox & friends".com. correct? >> yes. >> brian: so you are sitting in this box? we're going to close the door?
5:32 am
>> yes. brian, i'll miss you. >> brian: i'll miss you, too. if you need anything, just knock. so he's got to stay in there until you have 1 million photos downloaded from the kodak a.m back inside. >> steve: that is really cool. if people would like more information, go to our web site to figure out how you can help free that man. set that man free. good morning, sir. meanwhile, check out roswell, new mexico, that's a couple miles north of the mexican border where the average highs for december is supposed to be in the 50s. but take a look at this video out of roswell. oh, my goodness. it's a snowball fight. beautiful weather if you like snow. meanwhile, 25-degrees at 1:36 in the afternoon. we've got a big storm raging through portions of the
5:33 am
northeast, down through the mid atlantic and down through the florida panhandle. on the front of it, warm air and downpours in some spots. on the backside, some snow and ice. it's not going to be a major winter event, but in some spots they will wind up with a couple of inches of snow. once again, ahead of the storm, as you can see, temperatures in the 60s. behind it, man, it's cold. right now in memphis, it's freezing at 32. across much of texas, they are stuck in the 20s. 23 right now in dallas-fort worth. my wife sent my daughter a coat. i hope it gets there today. and there you have today's daytime highs. >> juliet: thank you. now to your headlines. former mf global chief jon corzine in the congressional hot seat tomorrow. the house financial financial services committee is expected to slap him with a third subpoena. congress to know what happened to more than a billion dollars in missing customers' money.
5:34 am
not sure if corzine will actually testify or he'll plead the fifth. you ever seen "myth busters," you know they like to blow things up. but an experiment in california went as they say, horribly wrong, and ended with a cannon ball hitting a home and a mini van. they fired a home made cannon from a range burks it swerved off course just as kids were coming home. nobody was hurt, luckily. protecting our homeland one snow cone at a time. the department of homeland security using nearly $12,000 of taxpayer money to purchase 13 snow cone machines for different counties in michigan. here is the gist here. they say the machine also help make ice to prevent heat-related events during emergencies. mitt romney has been falling in the polls recently, but the attacks coming fast and furious.
5:35 am
steve? >> steve: check it out. >> for pete's sake, come the story of two men trapped in one body. mitt versus mitt. >> two mitts willing to say anything. >> steve: his democratic critics call him a flip floppers and republican critics say he's too boring. but who is i really? let's talk to somebody who will really know, his wife,an romney, who joins us in the studio this morning. 40 years. >> married 42 years. >> steve: you met him in a high school chum's basement and that first day he gave you a ride home? >> yeah. i went to a party with someone else and somehow mitt went to the guy and said, i live closer to her. why don't i drive her home? that's the end of the story. >> steve: he's a smooth operator, isn't he?
5:36 am
let me ask you about this, one thing -- in fact, juliet mentioned it when you came in. she said, how many times in a week do people say you've got a perfect family? that's kind of the wrap on mitt. he's got perfect hair, perfect family, perfect wife, perfect life. >> hardly. hardly. i think we faced our challenges in life and it's been interesting to think that people perceive us that way, which, in fact, is not the case at all. i think our biggest challenge really was my health when i was early diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998. that was tough. that was really, really tough. you had to really look at yourself and say, what are we going to now do and how are we going to live our lives and how is this going to change how we behave? then you recognize, too, that nothing else matters except your health. you can have all the money in the world, you can have the greatest kids, everything else and all of a sudden, if you can't even function, you realize, you know, things are not as good as you thought they
5:37 am
were. >> steve: puts it all in perspective. and at that time, you had a good job. and yet, you never -- he did both at the same time. he did the ultimate multi tasking. >> he did. and it was a time where we had to decide whether to go run the salt lake winter games and it was very successful and we made that choice and off we went and it was a great choice for us and it turned out to be the right choice, too. >> steve: you know, the way you've described -- we were talking a little bit in the break aut your husband and some crazy pranks he has pulled, he doesn't -- it does not sound like he's perfect. >> you know, it's good thing the guy doesn't drink. he honestly is the life of the party. if people could see the other side of mitt, they would not believe it. >> steve: why don't they see the other side? >> that's my job, i guess. that's going to be my job is to try to let people see the other side of mitt, the funny side, the humorous side, the laid back guy, the guy that has his hair messed up most of the time. >> steve: about that hair, it looks like the hair has got a
5:38 am
little makeover. it was perfect in the beginning of debates, and now it's a little messed up. >> it's because my granddaughters, they now get paid a dollar for every 20 minutes when they give mitt the head rub. and then after they do the head rub, the hair is all over the place. >> steve: i understand. obviously you guys had a love affair for 40 years, since you met in your friend's basement a long, long time ago. it's got to hurt, it's got it cut you to the quick when like the "new york times" referred to your husband as a brothering super hero, or you see that clip of mitt versus mitt. >> you know, it's the funniest thing how you take it and you put it in this other box, which is this is the reality and this is who we are and this is our life, and we're very content with that; and then this is how opponents attack you and this is how they try to characterize you. sometimes the characterizations are completely false. those are difficult, but you know what?
5:39 am
it doesn't impact how i feel about my husband or how i feel about how wonderful he is and terrific. so no, i put it in a different box and this is not an easy thing to go through. i think all families that go through this recognize this is not easy. however, i was the one that actually made the decision this time. mitt was more reluctant about going forward this time and i said, you know what? the country needs you. i really believe america will lose if mitt romney loses. mitt romney wins, america wins. mitt romney loses, america loses. i really believe that. he brings such skills to this. he has been a guy that has done turn arounds. he's done extraordinary things in his life and at the same time, he's selfless and i don't think people know that side of him and how extraordinary he's been as a husband and as a father. >> steve: that's a nice testimonial. any husband would be lucky to get that from his wife.
5:40 am
part of the rap against him is that he's changed his mind on a whole bunch of stuff. that's what that mitt versus mitt thing is. >> not true. his position on life has always been the same personally. his position from a governmental standpoint changed. that's the only change. and so, you know, people can criticize george herbert walker bush, other people have changed, ronald reagan, i believe, did too. look how mitt governed in massachusetts. came in with a $3 billion budget deficit, left the state with a $2 billion rainy day fund, without raising taxes and without borrowing money. >> steve: you mentioned massachusetts and i heard some people say he was a pretty conservative guy until he became the governor of massachusetts. it's a very blue state. i don't have to tell you about that. so he had to kind of move more to the middle. that's the guy who we see now and that's the guy that a lot of pundits say is more electable
5:41 am
against barak obama. >> i think voters have is a choice. pretty soon they'll have a choice. who is going to beat barak obama? and i believe it will be mitt romney. >> steve: yeah. if your family is chosen to move to washington, d.c., would you have a cause? >> of course. i think most people are aware that i have multiple sclerosis. that will be a huge piece of me bringing more awareness and trying to help people focus on finding a cure for the disease. i also have worked most of my life with at-risk youth and i will, of course, work and try to bring attention to kids that have to make right choices in their lives to have is a better life. >> steve: that's nice. your husband is in the news today because he has turned down the donald. not going to go to his debate. >> you know, the debate, debates, debates, we've had so many debates. we have to campaign once in a while. there is so many choices you have to make and i think we're doing two debates in iowa. i think this saturday we've got one. then on the 15th again in
5:42 am
iowa. so at some point, we have to say, we have debated some odd -- something like -- >> steve: 79 debates so far. >> at least. and there is more. like in january. >> steve: i know. you're talking about debate, debate, debate during december. where are you going to wind -- i know you'll spend a lot of time in new hampshire and iowa. where is christmas? >> i believe in massachusetts right next door to new hampshire. >> steve: very nice. ann romme, we thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. straight ahead, take a peek inside our green room. that's brian with "saturday night" alum. and danny johnson who went from homeless to millionaire in a matter of two years. >> superman! >> steve: clark kent kilmeade and those two coming up next.
5:43 am
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>> juliet: you have to listen to this incredible story. at the age of 21, she was homeless, she was out on the streets, she had only two bucks in her possibility. but in two years, dani johnson turned her life around. she's a self made millionaire and running five companies. joining us is the author of first steps to wealth. so you grew up, you were in southern california, then northern california. but i mean, on my research, you were 17 years old, you were homeless. and all of a sudden, within two years, you're a millionaire. how does that happen? >> yeah. in fact, it was right at christmas time. >> juliet: did you win the lottery? >> no. absolutely not. i actually started a business from the trunk of my car. and a pay phone booth and first year made a quarter of a million dollars. by the end of my second year, i had become a millionaire for the first time. >> juliet: how do you do that
5:47 am
when you're living out of your car, hopeless, as most people would be? >> a lot of people are in a similar situation right now. they can't put food on the table. it's christmas time. i can really identify with the hurting people of america today because when you're in that kind of situation, you don't know which way to turn. i'll tell you that right now, there are ways to make money right this very minute. i've got clients who are using things that we teach on our web site and making money during the holidays and some have doubled and tripled their income during the holidays. >> juliet: this is like a holiday themed how to make money during the holidays. let's go for some of these pointers. hanging christmas lights. it seems like a pretty basic thing, but i've never thought of offering to do it for somebody. >> not only hanging christmas lights, but there really is opportunity to make money because people do want help. in fact, it's like becoming an elf. you can help wrap gifts, do shopping, help do holiday baking. there is a number of different tips on our web site as well about how can you earn the money for christmas instead of going
5:48 am
into debt and dipping into the savings? >> juliet: here is the thing, there is a point when i was out of a job in earlier times in my life. you sit home and you start to feel hopeless and you feel not motivated. what pushes you over that hill or sometimes that giant mountain? >> well, for me, i had no food. >> juliet: and no home. >> no home, no food and you're desperate and i had become the failure that everybody said i would be. so you get tired of licking your wounds and blaming people and you finally have to step up and do something with yourself. >> juliet: your situation wasn't like oh, mommy and daddy have money and they kicked me out of the house because i was a bad girl. you grew up in a rough situation. >> welfare, violently abusive, drug infested home, and so i really understand what hard times are about, which is why i wrote the book, which is why we have our free web site to show people how can they get themselves haft dumps now and start making money. >> juliet: that's a great story. and once again, the first steps to wealth is now available. so go out and get it and have
5:49 am
great ideas and we'll also have the information on our web site, dani, congratulations. you're doing very well. >> thank you. >> juliet: still ahead, victoria jackson is in the house. she made us laugh for six seasons on "saturday night live." she's got a lot of energy. you were sitting with her, right? i don't know. hi. she's serious about politics. we'll check in with her next. coming in the studio now. first let's check in with bill hemmer. >> you got to get kilmeade away from that woman. >> juliet: i know. i don't know who frightens me more, actually. no, i'm just kidding. >> eric holder will have to explain what he knew and when. our guest this morning says someone needs to go to jail. wow. great guest list today. tucker carlson debates alan colmes. steve forbes on the policy picks on the economy. that's a big deal. and it's big cat week. what is that? wait until you see who is coming into the studio. we'll see you in ten minutes on
5:50 am
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>> juliet: she made us laugh out loud, oh, boy did she. in her six seasons on "saturday night live" and now victoria jackson is putting her energy into politics. she's been active with the tea party andout spoken on the issues. >> steve: you can say that again. actress victoria jackson joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: last time you were on, you were via satellite. so it's great to have you here. >> thank you. >> brian: who is your candidate? >> michelle bachmann. >> brian: why? >> because she doesn't flip flop. she has core principles that are conservative. she never waivers. she doesn't change her mind to try to get votes. she believes in the bible. she lives in america -- believes in america, less government. no obamacare. kill obamacare!
5:54 am
drill for oil here! she's my girl. and rick santorum, love him. >> brian: you like rick santorum. you know they're struggling in the polls, but -- >> well, very few people in america are informed and educated as i am. >> juliet: were you political when you were on "saturday night live" and especially the conservative? >> no, i have never been political and i didn't even vote until i was 37. i'm embarrassed to say. >> juliet: what happened? what was it that changed? >> when a communist ran for president, i suddenly went, wait a minute. he's a marxist? wait a minute! and i started researching and i'm horrified and i jumped out of my house the first tea party in l.a. and i was there on santa monica pier with a sign that said, we don't want no socialism and i can't go back. i know too much now. >> steve: you were on the program a while back and said that president obama is a communist and -- >> i proved it true. >> steve: we were talking about that. what if michelle bachmann or
5:55 am
rick santorum don't get the nomination? would you be willing to back mitt romney? >> i'll back anyone who is not obama. so yeah. but romney has flip flopped so many times, it's like who are you really? you know what i mean? but i'm supposed to plug my movie. >> brian: "marriage retreat." >> i want to tell -- i'm so happy that christians are hiring me because the left in hollywood doesn't use me anymore. so thank goodness peer flicks hired me. >> steve: it's a comedy and it's about couples who go on a retreat? >> yes. it's pro-marriage and marriage is the pillar of society and the guy who plays my husband is jeff fahey, he was the helicopter pilot on "lost." >> steve: that's right. we did have is a clip. >> anyway, it's pro-marriage, it edifies you -- marriage is between a man and a woman. it is a very -- it's the pillar of society. children grow up happy and
5:56 am
confident when they have a -- god invented it. >> juliet: it's stuff like that that made hollywood not want to hire you? what you just said? >> you're not allowed -- there is a group of conservatives in hollywood and they're secret because you'll lose your career if you're an outspoken conservative. >> steve: no kidding. once again, check it out. "marriage retreat." >> i'm on a new show called politichicks. >> brian: and you play a chick. >> steve: she's a patriot. >> educated, informed voter! >> steve: victoria, put her there. thank you very much. >> juliet: thank you. be back in two minutes get technology they love,
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>> steve: couple of nights ago, my wife and i watched "it's a wonderful life"


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